Float to the Moon

Player Watch

Help Keep Our Game Fair

Help our security team flag potential cheats so we can closely monitor them. Reporting is anonomous and effective in helping create a level playing field.

Float Integrity

Reporting System

Report Players

Suspicious Behaviour?

While we use multiple technological systems to combat cheats, we encourage players to report consistant suspicious behaviour of other players.

Flag Players

How to Report?

Within your player portal, you will find a menu link to the player reporting form, allowing you to detail the suspicious behaviour and upload screenshots if necessary.

Float Integrity

What Happens Next?

If we receive multiple reports from different players about one particular player then that player is flagged.

Once flagged, our security team manually reviews and monitors them alongside our automatic anti-cheat systems.

Monitor Players

3 Layer Player Security System

Float The Flop enforces a 3 layer security policy to protect the integrity of our games and provide the fairest playing field for our poker community.

As you can see, we take security very seriously!

We employ unique state of the art systems designed to weed out cheats and create a level playing field for our valued poker community.

Collusion Aware Logo (TM)

Float The Flop employs the state of the art external collusion detection system Collusion Aware™.

Under the watchful eye of our proprietry software Collusion Aware™ and its nextgen artificial intelligence (AI) table monitoring system, we know our games operate at the highest standard of honesty, integrity and fair play.

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