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Become a Super Referrer

As soon as you register you will receive access to your personalized players portal where everything you need to increase your income is at your fingertips.

Monitor your 1st and 2nd tier referrals, keep track of your bonuses and monitor your progress as a referral agent.

Players Portal

Track Your Player Bonuses

There are three ways you can receive bonuses, firstly by your gameplay, secondly by the gameplay of your referred players and thirdly by the gameplay of players that your referred players invited.

It's a simple referral system where everyone has a chance to be rewarded for playing on Float The Flop.

We want players to think of Float as their own business, so of course, you need a way to track your progress and view details about it.

For this, we have created the Players Portal which is designed to provide all the information you need to successfully generate a steady income and increase it monthly.

Chip Bonuses

Track Your Player Referrals

Gain valuable insights into your progress by viewing your player referral reports.

A good agent focuses on increasing their number of referred players on a monthly basis, this is a sure way to generate more income.

Chip Bonuses

Track Your Player Transfers

Create activity within your player base by rewarding them with chip transfers, thereby creating loyalty and generating gameplay.

Track all your transfers so you can see what you have spent compared to what you have earned.

Chip Bonuses
Float Player Portal

Personal Rebate / Tier 1 Rebate / Tier 2 Rebate

Personal Rebate

Personal rebates are given to losing players based on the number of hands they play. Outlined below is the current personal rebate structure:

500 to 2000 Hands: 10%
2001+ Hands: 20%

*Please note, personal rebates are only payable to those players that have lost in that month, winning players do not qualify for the personal rebate.
All players, whether winners or losers qualify for Tier 1 and Tier 2 rebates as long as they play more than 200 hands that month.

Tier 1 Rebate

For every player you refer via your player portal, you will receive a 20% rebate each month based on any fees they pay.

20% Tier 1 Rebate

You must play a minimum of 200 hands each month to qualify for this bonus, but that's easy.

Simply refer a player by adding their contact details in your player portal and we will send the invites on your behalf.

Tier 2 Rebate

For every player that one of your referred players refers, you will receive an additional 4.5% bonus based on all fees paid by all their players.

5% Tier 2 Rebate

You must play 200 hands each month to qualify for this bonus too, we are sure you can do it!.

To get off to a great start, try to sign up players that you know have a good network of poker friends as they will likely benefit you the most.

Float Integrity

Need help getting started?

Chat with one of our live support team at the bottom of this page, they are always happy to lend a hand.

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Alternatively, email:

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