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Why should you choose us?

Consider Float the innovators of poker, we don't just want to exist like other poker clubs, we endeavour to change the landscape through technology, innovation, loyalty and integrity.

About Float
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Passion / Integrity / Innovation

Who are Float

Who we are?

The team at Float The Flop consists of passionate poker veterans, who genuinely care about the game we have all grown to love.

What Float do

What we do?

Through technology and innovation, we design and employ systems that are created to weed out cheating players to create a level playing field for our valued community.

Float Values

Our Core Values

Our team is of one mind when it comes to integrity and fair play, we constantly strive to create games that are enjoyable to play while being impartial and honest.

Float Mission

Our Mission

We won't fold until we have created an online poker experience that is unmatched in terms of integrity, honesty, fair play and value.

We will flat call every street until we surpass all player expectations, and then we will raise!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for chip purchases to clear?

It can take anywehere from 10 minutes to 48 hours for chip purchases to appear in your account, depending on your payment method and bank. Most transfers clear within 20 minutes, but there are times when it takes much longer due to how your bank processes the transaction.

How long does it take to receive funds after selling chips?

We normally process chip sale transactions within 1 hour and depending on your bank it can takes anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours once we process it.

Is it possible to transfer chips?

Yes, you can transfer poker chips from your account to a registered player that you invited to join, in other words, one of your players. Transfer chips by pressing the button when viewing your player from within your Player Portal.

Are my funds safe with you?

Absolutely! We hold all player money in segregated accounts across multiple countries to hedge against currency fluctuations. We also hold reserve cash in crypto currency just in case.

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Float The Flop Evolution

Collusion Aware Logo (TM)

Float The Flop employs the state of the art external collusion detection system Collusion Aware™.

Under the watchful eye of our proprietry software Collusion Aware™ and its nextgen artificial intelligence (AI) table monitoring system, we know our games operate at the highest standard of honesty, integrity and fair play.

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